Gentex passenger vehicle products, including auto-dimming mirrors and SmartBeam high-beam assist, are available on vehicles throughout the world. Our Full Display Mirror debuted on the Cadillac CT6 in the fall of 2015 and is now available on 14 model vehicles.

However, born from our racing experience comes our Type R Series of products available for civilian use. Our current offering is an exclusive, limited-run, custom-engineered auto-dimming mirror that reflects the DNA of its race-team counterparts. 


  • Fully functional automatic-dimming mirror
    • Senses the headlamps of the vehicles behind you and automatically darkens to eliminate glare, protect your vision, and reduce driver fatigue
  • All-new R-Type styling
    • Thin-frame, chrome-ring glass technology
    • Super slim profile
    • Carbon fiber inlay caseback with brightwork accents
    • Fire-red inset pinstripe (custom colors available)
  • Standard wedge-style, dual-pivot mount
  • W:232mm H:63.35mm D:24.14mm Weight:373g