Type R Series Products

Because vision matters.


Automatic-Dimming Mirrors

If you race at night and plan to be in the lead, you’ll definitely want auto-dimming mirrors. Our interior and exterior auto-dimming mirrors use a combination of sophisticated light sensors, complex chemistry, and microprocessor-based algorithms to automatically detect and eliminate glare from trailing vehicle headlamps.

Imager Specs

  • WVGA 752 x 480 pixels; each pixel determines its own exposure
  • Bayer RGGB color filter array
  • 130+ dB dynamic range within a single frame
  • 60 fps for display image
  • Rolling shutter exposure control
  • Configurable geometry and timing
  • 43.4° degree horizontal FOV lens; f/1.5

Rear Vision Systems/Full Display Mirrors

No rear window?  No worries.  Our complete rear vision system – mirror-borne display, high-dynamic range imager, image processing software – provides unprecedented rearward vision, day or night in all weather conditions.

Full Mirror Display Specs

  • LCD – aSi-TFT-LCD, IPS
  • 1280x275 pixels
  • 190 x 41 mm (171 ppi) active area
  • 1500 cd/m2
  • FPGA-based video processing done inside mirror
  • LVDS or Coax connection to camera
  • Approx. 40° horizontal displayed for near 2x traditional mirror field-of-view
  • Rugged, custom-machined aluminum mirror/display housing



Racing at night requires maximum forward 

lighting. Our mirror-mount-integrated forward vision system optimizes and forward lighting solution. SmartBeam can control automatic high-beam on/off, dynamic forward lighting, LED matrix beams or laser headlamps.